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Kvitka Cisyk: mother, wife, artist

Kvitaslawa Cisyk was born in Queens, New York, on April 4, 1953, to Ukrainian born parents Wolodymyr and Iwanna Cisyk. Her parents had emigrated to New York along with Kvitka's sister Maria in 1949 to escape the Soviet occupation of their beloved homeland. The Cisyk family brought to New York not only many artistic and intellectual talents but a deep and rich reverence for the Ukrainian culture of the Carpathian Mountains they had so painfully left behind. As Kvitka grew up an American, her sensibilities resonated with their heritage as she participated fully in all that her parents were and brought with them. Only the Ukrainian language was spoken in her home in Manhattan. Kvitka was always grateful for having been steeped in the heritage she was so proud of. Her parents understood that they had born a sensitive and talented child, and Kvitka always thanked them for "teaching me good Ukrainian and (as they put it) not bad English." Kvitka walked the path of two cultures and would later name one of her recordings "Two Colors" in honor of this dual culture--the dichotomy of life's necessary here-and-now and burden of longing for the past.

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Kvitka now on iTunes, Amazon, and more

Released exclusively by KMC Records, both of Kvitka’s beloved works—Kvitka: Songs of Ukraine and Kvitka: Two Colors—are now available across all major media purchasing channels.

Kvitka: Songs of Ukraine  –  CD Baby   |   Amazon   |   iTunes

Kvitka: Two Colors  –  CD Baby   |   Amazon   |   iTunes

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Kvitka to be honored at UCU Charity Banquet in Kyiv

The sixth annual charity banquet to support the Ukrainian Catholic University in in Kyiv will feature a musical theme inspired by the songs of Kvitka. The event will include performances by Oksana Mukha (winner of the Kvitka Tsisyk Grand Prix Competition) and Plach Yeremiyi leader Taras Chubay // Read more at Ukrainian Catholic University’s website

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Documentary film about Kvitka

«Inter» has produced a documentary film about Kvitka Cisyk // «Інтер» зняв документальний фільм про Квітку Цісик // Find out more at TeleKritika.ua

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In commemoration of Kvitka’s 60th birthday

From the editor’s desk at MICT Online // До 60-річчя від дня народження Квітки Цісик // Read the full article at MICT

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Lviv street named after Kvitka

There will be a street named after Kvitka Cisyk in Lviv, Ukraine, the home city of Kvitka’s family before emigrating to the United States in 1949. // Вулиця Квітки Цісик буде у Львові // Read more at Radio Svoboda

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