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On these days of Remembrance of Kvitka Cisyk

March 29th, 1998: The anniversary of her death 25 years ago.
April 4th, 1953: The anniversary of her birth 70 years ago.

Energy, enthusiasm, and joy of life exuded from Kvitka boundlessly in all of her projects, goals and beliefs. Her artistry, attention to her craft and the results of her efforts exemplify these truths. Her deep love and passion for her family, ideals and culture inspired her to create a lasting legacy in her projects of love presented to the Ukrainian People. "Kvitka: Songs of Ukraine" and "Kvitka Two Colors" have lived on in the souls of the proud Ukrainians who truly heard her, identify with the indomitable spirit of and with which she sang and have come to emblazon her performances as exemplary of this great culture.

Having known Kvitka and all of the paths she had taken throughout her life, I continue to be inspired by the elevated and evolved HUMAN that I knew. Such great performances as hers could not be possible were it not for the strong, steady, loving humanity she possessed.

Great art comes by no accident. The same is true for great people who are driven to greatness by their history, their environment, their talents, challenges, and dreams. And their love; always with and of which Kvitka Cisyk sang.

Edward J Rakowicz
Engineer, Producer, Husband

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Days of Remembrance of Kvitka Cisyk

From Edward J. Rakowicz on the 25th anniversary of Kvitka’s death // Від Едварда Раковича до 25-ї річниці смерті Квітки more…

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In Lviv, Kvitka Cisyk is remembered on her 65th birthday

У Львові згадували Квітку Цісик в день 65-річчя співачки // Watch the video of news coverage from Телеканал ZIK in Ukraine

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April 4, 2018 Would Have Been Kvitka Cisyk’s 65th Birthday

4 квітня Квітці Цісик виповнилося б 65 років // Watch the video of news coverage from from UATV Channel in Ukraine

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Kvitka Cisyk in Lviv

“With her voice gently surrounding the museum visitor, her albums and photos and family history on the walls, her personal items displayed in the cases – the white open rooms invite the visitor to learn all about her.” // Read more from The Ukrainian Weekly

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Kvitka’s Music Now on iTunes and Amazon

Released exclusively by KMC Records, both of Kvitka’s beloved works—Kvitka: Songs of Ukraine and Kvitka: Two Colors—are now available across all major media purchasing channels. // Випущенi виключно компанією KMC Records, обидва улюблених творів Квітки – Квітка: Пісні України та Квітка: Два Kольори – тепер доступні на всіх основних медіа-каналах.

Kvitka: Songs of Ukraine – Amazon  |  Apple Music

Kvitka: Two Colors – Amazon  |  Apple Music

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Kvitka to be honored at UCU Charity Banquet in Kyiv

The sixth annual charity banquet to support the Ukrainian Catholic University in in Kyiv will feature a musical theme inspired by the songs of Kvitka. The event will include performances by Oksana Mukha (winner of the Kvitka Tsisyk Grand Prix Competition) and Plach Yeremiyi leader Taras Chubay // Read more at Ukrainian Catholic University’s website

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Documentary film about Kvitka

«Inter» has produced a documentary film about Kvitka Cisyk // «Інтер» зняв документальний фільм про Квітку Цісик // Find out more at TeleKritika.ua

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In commemoration of Kvitka’s 60th birthday

From the editor’s desk at MICT Online // До 60-річчя від дня народження Квітки Цісик // Read the full article at MICT

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Lviv street named after Kvitka

There will be a street named after Kvitka Cisyk in Lviv, Ukraine, the home city of Kvitka’s family before emigrating to the United States in 1949. // Вулиця Квітки Цісик буде у Львові // Read more at Radio Svoboda

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Obituary: Kvitka Cisyk, 44, Popular Singer

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