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KMC Records Inc. was formed by Kacey Cisyk in 1980 as a vehicle for the production of recordings by and of interest to Kvitka “Kacey” Cisyk. KMC Records Inc., a New York corporation, was a subsidiary of and wholly owned by Kacey Music Corporation. KMC Records Inc. is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Clinton Recording Studios Inc. There are two recordings owned by KMC Records Inc.: Kvitka: Songs of Ukraine, Copyright 1980, and Kvitka: Two Colors, Copyright 1989. This record company was formed with the intention to distribute and sell these records as an expression of passion and artistry for and about the Ukrainian culture. The highest level of care and consideration has been applied to all facets of preparation of these recordings. No other entity has the right to produce, copy, or distribute these recordings unless granted in writing by KMC Records Inc. All others are in violation of applicable laws.

Please buy only authentic copies of these recordings from authorized distributors for KMC Records Inc. or through this website. All other sellers of her music have no right to do so. Unreleased musical recordings performed by Kvitka will be made available in the near future, sponsored by proceeds from sales. Please reject piracy and buy these records from KMC.

Thank you very much.

Ed Rakowicz
President, KMC Records Inc.

Kvitka: Songs of Ukraine

Kvitka: Songs of Ukraine

Now available on CD and MP3. Buying options:

Amazon  |  Apple Music

Kvitka: Two Colors

Kvitka: Two Colors

Now available on CD and MP3. Buying options:

Amazon  |  Apple Music

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